500g Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Bag

500g Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Bag

500g bamboo charcoal air freshener bag

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500g bamboo charcoal air freshener bag




1>Material: Bamboo & Plush 
2>Size: 35*13*10cm 
3>color: black & red 
4>weight: 130g

Bamboo charcoal is made up of pieces of bamboo, which are taken from plants five years or older and burned inside an oven at temperatures over 800° C.

Our goods is green and  environmental,you can use our bamboo charcoal bag to your cars,your new rooms and on on! 

It can protect you and your family's health!

We use cartoon dog  as their decoration,it is so lovely and beautiful!


Pictures of Bamboo charcoal :

 air freshener bagair freshener bag23


Chunwang air purifying bags, made of linen and filled with bamboo charcoal, absorb unpleasant odors and dehumidify the air. The porous structure of the high density bamboo charcoal helps remove bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens from the air and absorbs moisture, preventing mold and mildew by trapping the impurities inside each pore. The Moso air purifying bag has been scientifically proven to reduce the  amount of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and chloroform gases emitted from everyday items such as paint, carpeting, furniture, air fresheners, chemical cleaners, rubber, and plastics.

Company Information


1.Established in 1998, CHUNWAN group is a set of R&D,production and marketing enterprise

2.Product Series: household moisture absorbers, deodorant for refrigerator,toilet bowl cleaners,car dehumidifier, washing machine cleaner,drain cleaners,car    air fresheners,desiccants,container dry bag,oxygen absorber,etc

3. Enterprise Scale: more than 15000 square meters, more than 300 staffs

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air freshener bag.jpgair freshener bag.jpg

Established in 1998, Chunwang is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 500g bamboo charcoal air freshener bag in China. During the past two years, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China.
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