Silica Gel Moisture Absorber for Car

Silica Gel Moisture Absorber for Car

car moisture absorber
1. Remove humidity in the car
2. Resolve car window fogging
3. Reusable car dehumidifier

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Product Details

silica gel moisture absorber for car

car moisture absorber    
1. Remove humidity in the car
2. Resolve car window fogging
3. Reusable car dehumidifier
4. Free sample, OEM

Product Name

car moisture absorber


Silica gel or natural minerals

Net Weight



28.5*15cm or customized


Polyester fabric

Outer Packing

Poly bag or color box


Reusable by drying reactivated




Remove humidity, eliminate odors ,resolve car window fogging

Used Places

Vehicles, boats, caravans, warehouse, garages, house, etc

Are you still worry about humidity condensation problem in your car?  Over time a car interior accumulates quite a lot of humidity, fogging up windows and making it almost impossible to see the road. Foggy windows are a not merely a nuisance but also extremely dangerous.
Congratulation!!!You can get a powerful weapon now.

Excellent Functions            
Chunwang Mini Dehumidifier on sale for car help you against fogged up windshields and other moisture related problems. The Mini Dehumidifier on sale battles this problem valiantly, eliminates excess moisture, ensuring the comfort and safety of starting your daily commute with a clear windshield. It will also eliminate any bad odors that may have accumulated in the car interior.
Stylish Designs
The black fabric outer cover is filled with 1kg of silica gel desiccant, which absorbs up to 40%-60% of its weight in moisture, helping to prevent the inside of windows getting misted or iced over in winter.The size of  Chunwang Mini Dehumidifier on sale easily fits on the front panel, in the console or in the glove compartment.

No Leaks
Unlike regular calcium chloride dehumidifiers, the Chunwang Mini Dehumidifier on sale will never leak or leave stains that might cause damage to the your car interior. The absorbed water will keep stay in the materials with no leaks.
How to Use:
Place the mini dehumidifier bag for car in the rear windscreen of the passenger compartment,or in the foot-well, underneath a seat, in door storage bin,etc.
Chunwang Mini Dehumidifier on sale can quickly and easily be recharged many times. When the product is saturated, refresh the product in the microwave, in the sun, or on the radiator, it can be reused as new. One Car Air Dry Dehumidifier Bag can be used for 4-6 months.
This Mini Dehumidifier on sale is practical, economical and durable, plus it’s equally suitable for caravans, boats, garages, warehouse or rooms.

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