Distributor Household Moisture Absorber Box

Distributor Household Moisture Absorber Box

Home closet shoe cabinet and other closed space, high grade valuables moistureproof! Remove wet air in the damp places, such as wardrobe, drawer, shoe cabinet, bookcase, box, instrument and so on! Absorb the moisture and moisture of the new building.

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Product Details

Distributor household moisture absorber box

Product introduction:

1: clean air: Distributor household moisture absorber box contains natural active carbon, its ability to adsorb harmful gases is 6 times that of ordinary dehumidification box.

2:anti mildew principle: Distributor household moisture absorber box contains anti mildew particles, in the adsorption of moisture in the air after the solid dry reaction, production of chlorine dioxide, to inhibit the pollution of microbes.

3: strong water absorption: Distributor household moisture absorber box uses strong water absorbent material, large water absorption, continuous strong.

4:breathable and mildew proof: during the use of the product, there is a layer of white breathable paper on the top of the product, which allows water vapor to pass through this layer of paper. It can make water vapor adsorbed through the paper and can also prevent liquid overflow in the box. Scope of application: room, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookcase, collection box and so on dehumidification to prevent mildew.

Product feature:

Placed it in the room, effectively prevent the high-grade wooden furniture, electrical appliances, machinery and equipment, electronic products such as damp and mildew

The basement and warehouse items are moisture-proof and mildew proof

CommodityDistributor household moisture absorber box
MaterialCalcium chloride(add fragrance, charcoal or not)
Net weight300ml/100g, 400ml/190g, 500ml/220g, 600ml/280g
FragranceRose, lemon, lavener, voilet, jasmine or non fragrance

Matters needing attention:

1, this product can not be used, if there is no food, please go to the doctor immediately.

2. The white breathable paper at the mouth of the box should not be scratched when the packing is opened.

3. Do not tilt when using this product.

4, do not drop the container, break, and do not scratch the top of the white breathable paper.

5, do not let children close!

Our company:

1.Established in 1998, CHUNWANG Group is a set of R&D,production and marketing enterprise

2.Product Series: household moisture absorbers, deodorizers, toilet bowl cleaners, car dehumidifier, drain cleaners, air fresheners, desiccants, container dry bag , oxygen absorber, humidity indicator card, etc. 3. Enterprise Scale: more than 12000 square meters, more than 200 staffs

4. Certificates: RoHS, REACH,DMF, ISO9001: 2008 , ISO14001:2004,BSCI etc.

5. Customers : Sanrio,Aldi,Coach,Vanguard,Sanyo, Samsung, Toshiba, Flextronics, Emerson,DHL,etc


1. Q: Can I get your prompt response if I send you inquiry about the product I am interested in?

    A: Yes, we are ready here to serve you and will give you quick response at 24hours.


2. Q: Can I have samples first before I make the final decision?

    A: Yes, we can offer you free samples and welcome your trial order.


3. Q: When can I have the sample? How about the mass order?

    A: Usually the delivery of sample is 3-5 working days, and 5-20 days for the mass order.


4. Q: Can you accept to print our own logo or brand on your products?

    A: Yes, customized style are welcomed here.


5. Q: Can I be your exclusive distributor in my local market or my country?

    A: Yes, feel free to contact us for more details about this if you are interested in this issue.

Established in 1998, Chunwang is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of distributor household moisture absorber box in China. During the past two years, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China.
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