Powder Desiccant 1000 Gram

Powder Desiccant 1000 Gram

The powder desiccant bags reduce the temperature of the dew point (the temperature at which condensation begins to form, causing "container rain"), keeping the goods safe and dry, designed in a variety of sizes and weights, design ... according to the different needs of each customer, different types of goods and different modes of transport.

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Powder desiccant 1000 gram

-  Once it is dehumidified, it will form a gel and will not be released into the environment by the interaction of chemical elements so it will not leak during use.

- Apply for temperatures -5 ° C to 90 ° C.

- Non-toxin and non-DMF according to Reach / Rohs standards.

- The goods exported by sea will not be threatened by the "Rain Container" and will not interfere with the container space.

- Inhibits the formation of mold, mold, rust and corrosion.

- Can protect the goods within 50 days of use.

- Environmentally friendly and can be treated as conventional waste.

The main ingredients in desiccant include: Calcium Chloride, Activated Clay, Activated Carbon, Modified Starch and Organic Polymer.

CHUNWANG desiccant is used in many fields such as: machinery, components, electronic components, electricity, leather products, wood, food, agricultural products as well as in the transport of goods by road sea, train, truck, container, aviation and other products during transportation or storage

We - CHUNWANG is a pioneer manufacturer, exporter and supplier of high quality chunwang branded desiccants according to the latest technology and standard. CHUNWANG is used to remove mold, corrosion, rust, damage, warping, and other causes caused by high humidity.

Our CHUNWANG desiccants are available in sizes 5grs, 25grs, 50grs, 1000grs, 1250grs,1400grs 2000grs. Dimensions and weights can be customized according to your requirements



Established in 1998, Chunwang is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of powder desiccant 1000 gram in China. During the past two years, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China.
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