Cacl2 Desiccant Bags Super Dry

Cacl2 Desiccant Bags Super Dry

1.Weight: 2g,5g,10g,25g,50g,60g,125g etc 2.moisture absorption: above 200% 3.main ingredient: calcium chloride 4.Feature: turn to gel after absorbing moisture, leak proof

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Product Details


1.High Performance desiccant with 200% absorption capacity

2.Turn to gel after absorbing moisture, leak free

3.Dual layer packing, not evaporate and return into the environment4.High absorption capacity up to 250%

4.High grade and safe raw material: chemical and fabric

5.QC: Incoming, process and outgoing quality control

6.Wide application: ready-made garment industry, bamboo products, agricultural cargo, metal, machinery, etc

Name/Item #

Cacl2 Desiccant Bags Super Dry

Raw Material

Powder calcium chloride & kind of gel


2,5,10,25,50,100 gram available

Commonly used for

garments(cloths, textile, shoes), leather products, packaging cartons, boxes, pallets, etc

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: 10 cartons for regular item
Q: Can I have own brand or trademark on the packet?
A: yes, customization available.
Q: What is the lead time?
A:  5-15 working days.
Q: Can I be your agent in my country?
A:  Yes, you will be our agent or distributor if you are qualified enough.

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