33g Bentonite Clay Desiccant

33g Bentonite Clay Desiccant

1.Montmorillonite has strong absorbability and cation exchange performance, enabling it to be widely used in the absorbent. using such techniques as high temperature heating, organic carbonization, montmorillonite swelling, streaming treatment,dyning, activation, crushing, and screening concentration. It is a natural , nontoxic, innocuous, degradable, environmentally friendly desiccant with no additive, corrosive material or chloride.

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Chunwang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd stands in 1998, it has more than 100sets of packaging and other ancillary equipments, the production of more than 200 employees, company managers and professional and technical staff of 70 persent of college culture.The current monthly production capacity of over 10000000pcs.

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Established in 1998, Chunwang is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 33g bentonite clay desiccant in China. During the past two years, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China.
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