Container Desiccant Super Dry 1000 Gram To Protect Cargo Against Moisture

Container Desiccant Super Dry 1000 Gram To Protect Cargo Against Moisture

Container desiccant super dry is composed of white powder calcium chloride and starch with plastic hook. It is easy to install, generally used to protect cargo against moisture damage during shipment.

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1)CODB-91-10:1000g-weight(size:87*16cm),shell design, strong compression resistance, with a hook, beautifully printed.

2)CODC-91-10: 1000g-weight(size:87*16cm),Double packing, non woven bag, with hook, good suspension, can be placed in the groove of the container wall, save the packing space.

3)CODD-91-10:1000g-weight(size:56*16cm)Small size, flexible use, visible stitch pin, put in the narrow space between the top of the goods and the top of the container, does not occupy space packing.

4)CODC-91-14:1400g-weight(size:223*16cm),1.93 meters long, can be hung at the top of the container, the moisture absorption area doubled, in the same environment and time, moisture absorption is more rapid, more efficient.






Net Weight 

1000 gram

1000 gram 

1000 gram

1400 gram







Pole, Hanging 

Bag, Flat

Strip, Hanging

Strip, Hanging


1. Ship goods without the threat of “Container Rain”
2. Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion
3. Up to 200% moisture absorption.
4. Provides 50 days or more of moisture protection
5. Prevents weak cartons and loose labels caused by moisture
6. Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste.


Agriculture Cargo: spices, coffee, tea, bagged rice, tobacco, etc
Wooden Products:furniture, wood-stuff
Leather Products: footwear, garments, furniture
Metal Prodcuts: sheets, coils, auto-parts
Textile: garments, fabrics
Household products:glass ware, handicrafts, etc

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