Dry Bag Desiccant For Container Condensation Prevention

Dry Bag Desiccant For Container Condensation Prevention

Container Desiccant (Material: Calcium chloride + Starch) 1. 200% moisture rate alone the transportation, work effectively for 60 days. 2. Turn into gel after absorbed moisture, water trapped into desiccant bag without leaking out. 3. Packed with double pack bag: PET paper (inside), non-woven bag (outside).

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Dry Bag Desiccant for Container Condensation Prevention


Material: calcium chloride powder & starch  

Weight:1000 ±50 gram

Moisture Absorption:200%

Packing: PP fabric

Dry bag desiccant is the new generations of transport protection for the reduction of dew point and control of

condensation. Their innovative designs allow water vapor to enter the interior of the bag easily and will not leak, escape or spill.

Superior range for shipping containers, warehouse storage and packing moisture absorber in various areas, such as agricultural products, wooden products, electronic products, metal products, textiles, household product, etc.

non-toxic,innocuity,degradable.It has been passed RoHS and REACH.

1. Ocean, truck, rail & shipping containers
2. Protection of textiles, leather goods, shows, furniture, food products, grains, feeds, pet food, canned goods     and bottled products
3. Protection of industrial products such as auto parts, machinery, metal products, paper and cardboard boxes

4. Ideal for boats & TV’s as well as long term storage applications.

During transit of cargo,  as the temperature inside the container will rise and fall betwwen day and night, the relative humidity inside the container also fluctuate, leading to container rain andcargo sweat.

Specialized in moisture solution, air purification, deoxidation, deodorant. 

Certified by ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008, SGS, BSCI, Walmart, Watsons, etc. 

2 Factory covering 16000 square meters.

220 Staff(R&D:10, QC:10, Engineer: 7, customer service:15, sales:25).

Industrial Use Desiccant:

Silica gel Desiccant:2-1000 gram

Calcium Chloride Desiccant Packet:2-1000 gram
Bentonite/Clay Desiccant:1/6 unit, 1/3 unit, 1 unit....16 unit
Container Desiccant:1kg/1.4 kg
Activated Clay Desiccant:1-1000 gram
Activated Carbon Desiccant:1-1000 gram
Food & Pharmaceutical Use Desiccant: 
Silica Gel Single Sachet:1-5gram
Silica Gel in Roll:1-5 gram
Silica Gel Canister:1, 3 gram
Food Oxygen Absorber:
Iron Based/Anti Oil/O2 & CO2 Oxygen Absorber:15--1500cc
Humidity Indicator Card:
3-8 dots
dehumidifier silica gelChunwang desiccant

Established in 1998, Chunwang is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of dry bag desiccant for container condensation prevention in China. During the past two years, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China.
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