Moisture Absorber Desiccant For Milk Powder

Moisture Absorber Desiccant For Milk Powder

The moisture absorber desiccant for shipment of milk powder 25kg on wooden pallets, to protect the milk powder against moisture damage. Size: 125g*6 bag Recommended usage:16-18kg with blanket for 40ft container MOQ:25 PCS Delivery: within 7 days

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Product Name:

CHUNWANG® Moisture Absorber Adhesive-backed Strip 125g×6

for shipment of milk powder

Absorbent:Calcium chloride
External shell:Tyvek+adhesive backing
Form :Strip
Product NO.:CODE-125A*6
Seal type:Four-side seal, heat seal


1 pcs/PE bag, 25 strips/box, box size:46*28*26cm;
On pallets(LCL): 1 pallet=56 boxes=1,400 strips
On pallets(20FT): 1 pallet=64 boxes=1,600 strips, 20ft=12 pallets, 20ft= 19,200 strips


Dry milk will absorb moisture and odors from the air so storage containers should be impervious to both air and moisture. The drier it can be kept, the better it will keep which makes the use of desiccants is an excellent idea. Oxygen also speeds decomposition so vacuum sealing or oxygen absorbers will decrease the available oxygen. Because of it's fine powdery texture gas flushing with nitrogen or carbon dioxide generally yields poor results.

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