Silica gel desiccant pouch GMP,FDA approved

Silica gel desiccant pouch GMP,FDA approved

Silica gel desiccant pouch GMP,FDA approved special design for foods ,nuts ,pharmaeuticals to prevent from moisture damage . Main use tyvek paper ,transparent Aiwa paper etc.

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Silica gel desiccant pouch GMP,FDA approved
Medicines, foods, dietary supplement can be easily decomposed or dissolved, distributing odors, what's worse, the efficacy of the pharmaceuticals get reduced. Chunwang Pharmaceutical desiccant was special designed for medicines, foods, dietary supplements and other product use desiccant;

1. It is made of tyvek or Chunwang Aiwa paper (transparent), comply with China pharmaceutical standard YBB00122005
2. Pharmaceutical grade A level silica gel and packing materials, good quality and high moisture absorption
3. Refined by ultraviolet sterilization, sub packaged in dust- free workshop and other process;
4. Pillow sealing pack technology, stable and exquisite.
5. Comply with GMP, FDA.

Heavy metals and residual solvents

Inspection items


Test Results
Standard YBB00122005



not detected




Solvent residues

Total amount of solvent residue should not exceed 10mg / m2. Among them, Benzene should not exceed 3.0mg / m2, (Mainly residual solvent are TOL, P Xylene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, butanone, isopropanol, etc.)

Total amount of solvent residue:
not detected
Benzene solvent residue:
not detected

Widely use in foods, medicines, capsule, chewing gum, tablets, deitary supplements, candy, cookies and other products

Manufacturing workshop: 100000 class clean room, &  10000 class room
food grade silica gel desiccant 1461.png

Q: Do you offer free sample?
A: Of course, your request is welcome.
Q: Can we visit the factory?
A: yes, we welcome you to visit our factory
Q: Which kind of packaging material is suitable for food grade silica gel desiccant?
A: In general, we choose the Aiwa paper and Tyvek paper for food desiccant .
Q: Is it safe for foods and medicines?
A: yes, it is safe; silica gel is the only material that can contact with the food and pharmaceuticals directly by FDA approval.
Q: Have you exported to US and Europe market?
A: We have build stable relationship with Canada and American pharmaceutical and Food Company.

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desiccant pouch .jpg

Established in 1998, Chunwang is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gmp fda approved 1gram ,2 gram food grade dmf free silica gel msds in China. During the past two years, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China.

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