6 Dots Humidity Indicator Label

6 Dots Humidity Indicator Label

6 dots Humidity Indicator label,Color from Pink to Blue (cobalt-free), or Brown to green (with cobalt).

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6 dots Humidity Indicator label


Product Description

Product Name

 6 dots Humidity Indicator label

 Type  Cobalt Halogen Free
 Color Blue into pink, Brown to green
 Dots 6 dots
 Model 10%-20%-30%-40%-50%-60%
 Function Identify the humidity and desiccant usage in the sealed space.
 Used For Electronic Products, instruments, integrated appliance, IC chips,etc
 Certification ROHS, REACH by SGS
 Sample Can be provided freely


Product Pictures:

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6 dots Humidity Indicator label.jpg

6 dots Humidity Indicator label.jpg



Q: What's Humidity Indicator Cards?

A: The Humidity Indicator Card is a card with circle point that can change the color. The user can easily identify the humidity and desiccant usage conditions of the sealed space. When the color varies with the changes of humidity, it indicates whether the packaging container humidity has reached to an extent of damager or failure.



Q: What's the HIC application?


A: Humidity Indicator Cards are widely used in high-end moisture sensitive eletronic components, instrumentation packaging, such as integrated appliances, IC chips, LED, optical equipment,
metal products, especially military and semiconductor.

Q: What's the lead time?

A: Within 7 working days after payment received.

Q: Can I have some samples?

A: Yes, free sample available, frieght customer side.


Q: Can I customize my logo?

A: Yes.


Q: What is your MOQ?

A: One carton 3000PCS.


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