Cobalt-free Humidity Indicator Paper

Cobalt-free Humidity Indicator Paper

Humidity indicator card is used in electronic product package to identify the moisture level inside the product.

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Cobalt-free humidity indicator paper

Brief Introduction:

Most of the electronic components, precision optical components, and other high-end electronics, Instrument Equipment easily affected by moisture results in the product rust, sensitivity reduced and even result in irreversible damage. In order to avoid moisture erosion and damage of the product, Most of the products are adopted by moisture-proof packaging combination, finished and semi-finished products in the final stage of packaging to protect the product. And humidity indicator card is convenient and economical test whether humidity in a controlled range of the material, when open sealed bag, the data that showed from the dot color of HIC can be used as a test standard that can check whether the humidity in the sealing packaging is in the specified humidity range, meanwhile,also can indirectly reflect whether the desiccant inside the package can adsorb moisture. Item 006-HM-03-7 is humidity indicator cards without cobalt. When the humidity in the packaging reached or exceed the humidity value, the points on the card will be changed from brown to green.

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Use Instruction and Storage:

1. When the environment humidity reach the humidity indicator card numerical, the color of indicator dot will change from brown to azure.

2. When the environmental humidity is getting lower, the color of dot will change from azure to brown again.

3. When the Color of indicator dot change to the specified color, the value of this dot is the humidity value of the current environment.

4.Don’t use hands contact indicator dot directly when using the HIC.

5.Please take proper quantity according to usage quantity, avoid long time(30 seconds) exposed to air, if not use up and the color changed, you can use it again after drying(use drying oven drying, baking the color fully turn back to brown.

6.Store the HIC in the sealed original packaging can, and put desiccant into the can. Please replace the desiccant if you open the can more than 3 times.

7.Store the goods in dry and cool environment, avoid direct sunlight and water.

8.Inner packing: Seal bag and metal can, Outside packing: Cartons

9.Using HIC according to usage quantity, it is better to have a small drying oven to keep the HIC dry, which can avoid moisture during using HIC and guarantee the use quality.

Established in 1998, Chunwang is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cobalt-free humidity indicator paper in China. During the past two years, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China.
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