Medical Cannabis Relative Humidity Control Packs 62%

Medical Cannabis Relative Humidity Control Packs 62%

Every person in the cannabis supply chain – from seed to smoke – simply must understand how important humidity control is to the production process. 2 way humidity control packs can keep the medical herb storage relative humidity at a constant level.

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  • Maintaining proper humidity is vital in protecting the quality of herbal medications, and cigar quality. 2-way humidity control packets will prevent the loss of Terpenoids and the desirable Terpenes. If the Terpenes are lost this could lead up to 10% of organic weight loss, reduction in flavor and damaged herbal potency. Keep quality, flavor, and aroma fresh with 2-way humidity packer. Ideally, use for storage and the most important curing process.


  • No risk of contamination, only pure vapor passes through the membrane. This Engineered fiber stabilizer keeps herbal medicine quality at a stable relative humidity when used properly, which is essential in maintaining quality. The best part about being engineered fiber, if you mistakenly tear the membrane just throw it away. Since the fiber will not leak. Don’t wait until your organic products are already too dry, and risk losing beneficial compounds.


  • Also great for cigars when packaging. There is zero maintenance using 2-way humidity control packets. A balanced relative humidity can last for months if used properly. Using 2-way packet in an air tight container you can store and feel assured that you have the right environment for your needs. Great for curing process to reached proper moisture and maintaining 63% RH. Depending on current content moisture, and when you start your curing process will determine how long it takes to balance at 63% RH.


  • Works perfectly with canning jars, Quart Mason Jars, Small airtight vessels, travel canisters and small humidors. These Packets fit perfectly and can be bent or folded if necessary.


  • Just add one packet to your airtight container, and forget about it until it’s rigged. We do recommend changing to a fresh packet every 2-3 months.It is stored in an airtight heat sealed package when you first received it. This allows it to last for years as long as it is kept in a cool dark place. Once you open the package you need to store the packet in a small air tight container or an airtight bag, one is included.

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Established in 1998, Chunwang is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical cannabis relative humidity control packs 62% in China. During the past two years, we have introduced advanced equipment and technology into our factory. Please be free to buy our cheap products made in China.
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