Cheap And High-quality Moth Ball Packs Public Places Use

Cheap And High-quality Moth Ball Packs Public Places Use

The moth ball be valid Protect public toilet Preventing from insects and mildew, and create excellent public places environment, P-dichlorobenzene 94% and added fragrance, up to 2 years, Please rest assured to buy our product.

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                                              Cheap and high-quality Moth ball packs public places use



3)Color: White

4)Fragrance: lavender, arange, peach

5)Ingredient: 94%P-dichlorobenzene+fragrance

6)Usage purpose: preventing from all kinds of insects, pest and mildew.

7)Packing: Double packing(hold the moth ball by Aiwai packing, then packged by compountd bag)

8)Shelf life: 2 years in sealed conditions.

We can accepted customized according to your requirements.


Please be kind noted:

1: keep in hidden places not easy find

2: Do not eat, and keep out of reach of Children. 

3: Do not direct touch

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