Humidity Card Indicator Blue To Pink

Humidity Card Indicator Blue To Pink

The Humidity Card Indicator spots on the HICs change colour as the humidity increases and decreases.

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Humidity Card Indicator Blue to Pink

The Humidity Card Indicator ( HIC) is a card on which a moisture-sensitive chemical is impregnated such that it will change color when the indicated relative humidity is exceeded.

Blue to Pink:

1) With cobalt, blue to pink, 3dots to 6dots.

Humidity Indicator Cards 10

Humidity Card Indicator Blue to Pink

2) Cobalt Dichloride free- Halogen free, Blue to pink, 6dots.

Cobalt-Dichloride Free Humidity (HIC) Cards


I Dry packaging of semiconductor and electronic devices.

II Storing components in moisture barrier bags.

6dots HIC Cards with clay desiccant

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